What are you willing to surrender to the sea? 

June 8 will commemorate World Oceans day and what better way to celebrate the aquatic than to turn to great literary works. Linked Dance Theatre has created an immersive show based upon Oscar Wilde's the "Fisherman and his Soul." This adaptation takes a look at the world of the sea, sailing, and questions that are greater than ourselves all taking place on a ship from the 1930s—The Lilac


DIRECTED by Kendra Slack


Performed site-specifically On the Lilac, docked at Pier 25 on June 7th, 9th, 10th & 11th of 2016

Based on "The Fisherman and His Soul" by Oscar Wilde

Music by: Claire Cuny, Monte Weber, Julia Christgau, Calder Shilling, and Winston Shaw as well as old folk songs & sea shanties

Performed by:
Edward Stanley
Shan Y. Chuang
Nicky Romaniello
Katie Henly
Jordan Chlapecka
Claire Cuny

Musicians: Julia Christgau, Calder Shilling, and Monte Weber 

Costume Design by Nicholas Smith

Special thanks to Mary Habstritt, Museum Director, and Richard Doorman, Senior Volunteer. 

Typography illustration Vanessa Cagno

For I have seen wondrous things.
— Oscar Wilde, The Fisherman and His Soul