LINKED DANCE THEATRE: immersive and site specific Work




Linked Dance Theatre makes stories come to life through movement, text, music, and everything related to the body. We believe that motions inspire emotions which lead our collaborative, creative process. Out of our practice comes staged and immersive works that subvert the conventional norms of what theatre or dance should or should not be. These works strive to question liminal spaces and to explore the essence of what makes us human.



We as a company consult on shows as well as help create intimate immersive experiences for events and brands.
Contact us if you'd like to utilize our experience.

What we do

Our shows tell stories that reflect us, our world, and what it means to be human in it.

Upcoming Events


Master Classes & WORKSHOPS

We are also available for master classes and workshops upon request. Our expertise ranges from dance-theatre to immersive experiences as well as techniques on creating innovative choreography. We can tailor the class or workshop upon request.

In all my time of exploring immersive theatre, I have been shocked, and awe-struck many times, but this was the first time that I was truly moved, on the brink of tears.
— Edward Mylechreest