Born and bred: a show about history and the passing of trauma through A famiLy


Presented at The Muriel Schulman Theater at
TRISKELION ARTS in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on March 4th-7th of 2015

Tap Choreography by Justin Boccitto, Nicky Romaniello, and Kendra Slack

Music by PigPen Theatre Co., Iron and Wine, and Zoe Keating
Lighting by Andy Dickerson

Sebastian Stimman as The Father
Claire Cuny as The Mother
Kendra Slack as The Daugther
Nicky Romaniello as The Grandfather
Jordan Chlapecka as The Little Brother
Tiger Brown as The Grandmother
Katie Henly as The Older Sister

Original "Daughter" developed with company member Shan Y. Chuang

...for you are all an inexplicable unity - the family group with its twisted tensions, unreasoning loves and solidarity and loyalty Born and Bred in blood. These people are the ones most basically fresponsible for what you are
— Sylvia Plath